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The 2018 schedule will be posted soon.

Education events are offered for members of a congregation from lay leaders, commissioned ministers, and ordained clergy.  Mission West also offers additional events like Healthy Boundaries training, Mission West Youth Gatherings, Cluster Gatherings, Area Gatherings and more.  As these events take place, they will be published through out the website and newsletter communications.

These courses provide education within the 16 Areas of Ministerial Practice as required by the Disciples of Christ Polices and Criteria for the Ordering of Ministry. Commissioned ministers must complete three (3) classes each year as required by Christian Church in the Southwest Educational Policy. Participants are welcome to attend in any area, where and when convenient. 

Ordained clergy are also encouraged to attend for continuing education and community building with fellow clergy.  

Congregation leaders are welcome.  

When we say all are welcome, we really mean all are welcome.

    healthy boundaries training

    Healthy Boundaries trainings in Mission West will be posted soon:

    Additional healthy boundaries training is offered throughout the Southwest region.  Visit their website at

    reserve the sound system and projector

    If you are working within a Mission West event such as  camps, annual meetings, or educational offerings you can request to use the mission west sound system and projector.  It is awarded on a first come first served basis.  You can download the request form here.  

    areas of ministerial practice (AMP)

    Areas of Ministerial Practice (AMP) as listed in the Educational Program for the Commissioned Ministry of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) in the Southwest. Clergy are expected to demonstrate and/or be preparing to demonstrate competency in the following areas. The CEA/HPA/TRA formation and education opportunities are based on these areas. Over the course of five years, courses and other experiences will be provided to cover all 16.

    1. Biblical Knowledge                                                       

    2. Church Administration and Planning

    3. Communication

    4. Cross Cultural and Anti-Racism Experience

    5. Ecumenism

    6. Education and Leader Development

    7. Ethics

    8. Evangelism

    9. Mission of Church in the World

    10. Pastoral Care

    11. Proclamation of the Word

    12. Spiritual Development

    13. Stewardship

    14. Theology

    15. Understanding of Heritage

    16. Worship